For years we’ve searched for the perfect bags — for travel, for work, for school, for our passions and the newborns in our life (who knew they needed so much!). Out of our love of bags and design, we started Port Rack. A modern day curated shelf to help you find your perfect bag.

Derived from the French word portemanteau, the word Port Rack isn’t used anywhere except for Queensland, Australia. Initially entering the local vocabulary in the 1940s it is the low shelf outside the classroom where children store their ports — school bags.

We’re very influenced by Japanese design, which is hardly surprising when one of our mothers is Japanese. We love simple lines and form, combined with function. We were also taught that you should buy well, buy once. We take this same approach to bags, spending the time to find the right bag for the right job: a bag that will stand the test of time. A well made bag is timeless, with the years shown as true signs of its craftsmanship.