The Pakt Travel Backpack: Can it get any better?

We take a look at Pakt’s new masterpiece, The Pakt Travel Backpack. Designed in collaboration with carry guru Chase Reeves.
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Port Rack Pakt Travel Backpack feature image
The Pakt Travel Backpack. Image: Pakt

In three words

Ultimate. Travel. Backpack.

What is it?

The fine people at Pakt have got together with carry guru Chase Reeves to make one of the best travel backpacks on the market. This bag combines the best features of a suitcase with a trekking pack, squeezed into a compact 30 litre backpack.

Almost every single feature you would want has managed to make its way into this great looking bag. Seriously… we’re not exaggerating. 

Inside the bag, the main compartment is divided into two equal sections, accessed by a wrap around zip so the bag can be fully opened. Each side has a divider that can be zipped up to keep your stuff organised. Also on the inside is a padded laptop sleeve and selection of smaller pockets and pouches. All the inside sections feature separate top zippers so you can access each compartment without opening the whole bag. This includes access to the laptop sleeve. 

Outside the main compartment, there are a great selection of clever storage pockets. In addition to two large zippered pockets on the front, there is a waterproof pocket for carrying toiletries and wet item, a great great little mesh pocket on the back that pops out of the bag for your passport and wallet etc when going through security checks, and also a hidden pocket on the back to keep your personal items safe. There is also a trolley sleeve on the back so you can attach it to suitcase and a large water bottle pocket.

Attaching accessories such as tripods, skateboards or helmets to your bag is easy using the accessory strap set. You can also purchase additional straps if you need to attach multiple items at once. 

The padded back straps include clever load lifters to help with weight distribution and can be easily tucked away. Waist and sternum straps are also included and are fully removable. Once removed, the waist strap also converts into a hip bag or sling for additional functionality. 

There is also a trolley sleeve on the back so you can attach it to suitcase and a large water bottle pocket. 

Strong and water resistant 900D rPET fabric made from recycled single use plastic features on the outside of the bag. Combined with plastic free shipping, the sustainability credentials from Pakt are super high. 

If you’re going to be doing a lot of outdoor trekking with bag then you may also want to consider buying the Pakt rain cover to make the bag even more water resistant. 

Why we love it?

The layout of the Pakt Travel Backpack is great with access to each area in just the spot you want it. Being able to open the bag completely but then access each component separately from the top is a great feature and makes accessing your gear so quick and easy. The waterproof pocket ensures you won’t have any more spills in your bag and the hidden pockets are great for keeping your stuff safe. The mesh TSA pocket is a nice touch that make security checks a breeze. Pakt also have a lifetime guarantee on their bags so you can be confident in the quality. To top it all off, sustainability is at the heart of Pakt’s design ethos and the recycled materials used in the bag and plastic free packaging are key to this. 

What will it fit?

The Pakt Travel Backpack is 30 litres. This isn’t a large capacity compared with other travel packs but the clever way that the storage is designed means that you’ll fit everything you need for your trip away. You’ll fit around 4 or 5 changes of clothes, shoes, toiletries, 15 inch laptop, camera and other small electrical items, chargers, a book, jacket and jumper, personal items (wallet etc), water bottle, snacks and still have space for other items or to buy things along your way. The accessory strap lets you strap on larger items to the outside of you bag such as a tripod or skateboard. Eight attachment locations mean you can configure these to match your needs. Additional strap sets are available to purchase if necessary. 

Final thoughts

Pakt have absolutely smashed it with The Pakt Travel Backpack. This is simply one of the best travel backpacks on the market. The capacity isn’t huge but you’ll fit everything in it that you need for your trip away. The compact size means it’s easy to carry and you’ll have no problem with carry-on restrictions or weight.

There are so many great features on this bag that just make so much sense. They have really got it so right. Combine this with environmentally friendly materials, packaging and processes, and Pakt’s lifetime warranty, you have almost the perfect travel backpack. 


Capacity: 30 litres

Dimensions: 17 x 53 x 32 cm / 6.7 x 21 x 12.6 in

Weight: 4.5 lbs / 2kg

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