Tembea School Bag: a masterclass in simplicity

Tembea’s beautifully crafted School Bag is a design classic. You need one of these in your life now
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Port Rack Tembea School Bag feature image
Tembea's School Bag. Image: Tembea

In three words

Minimalist. Beautiful. Wandering.

What is it?

Japanese brand Tembea have been producing beautiful canvas bags since 2004. Designing each bag for a unique (and sometimes eclectic) purpose, such as carrying baguettes or newspapers, the purpose of Tembea’s School Bag is carrying study tools.

This is the updated version of Tembea’s School Bag. Constructed from Tembea’s beautiful cotton canvas, this bag is a unique and simple design. By pulling the leather straps through the top, the bag can quickly convert from a backpack into a tote. When used as a backpack, the bag naturally closes at the top from the tension produced by the straps.

The canvas has a solid selvedge edge around the top opening of the bag. This edge shows off the high quality canvas and is super strong, giving the bag a raw simplistic appearance. The inside of the bag is very utilitarian, with no additional pockets, which Tembea say keeps it “free and simple”. On the outside you get one additional slip pocket for storing smaller items. 

Why we love it

The beauty of this bag is its simplicity. Using the highest quality materials, Tembea have produced a beautiful utilitarian bag with a simple timeless design. The bag looks great as both a backpack or a tote and the minimalist style will suit almost anyone.

The quality of the bag is apparent from the moment you feel it and it is sure to be by your side for many years to come. The canvas and leather straps will age nicely and will develop their own lovely character over time.

We love how the bag easily transforms from a tote to a backpack which makes it perfect for cycling.

What will it fit?

This bag is a good size as an everyday backpack. You’ll fit your personal items, 15 inch laptop, books, stationery, water bottle, snack plus have room for other small items.

When Tembea design a bag for a specific purpose you can be sure that it’s perfect for that use. This bag is no different. Named a School Bag it’s the perfect size for carrying everything you’ll need to get you through a day of studying.

Final thoughts

This bag is a minimalist masterpiece. We love how it converts from a backpack into a tote, making it extremely versatile. Timeless and made from high quality materials, this bag will last you a lifetime and look beautiful as the canvas and leather age. The solid selvedge edge, a feature of many of their bags, also makes the Tembea School bag stand out, giving it a lovely raw appearance.

You definitely need at least one Tembea bag in your life, why not make it this one?


Dimensions: W 30cm x H 43cm x D13cm

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