Pakt Travel Backpack Rain Cover: Make the best even better

This great looking rain cover is the perfect companion for Pakt’s Travel Backpack
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Port Rack Pakt Travel Backpack Rain Cover feature image
The Pakt Travel Backpack Rain Cover. Image: Pakt

In three words

Even. More. Adventure. 

What is it?

Pakt have made one of the best travel backpacks we have seen, the Pakt Travel Backpack. The Pakt Travel Backpack is water resistant but this Pakt Travel Backpack Rain Cover gives you that extra bit of protection if you’re going to be out in really wet conditions. The zips are all waterproof and give you access to the front pocket of your travel backpack. 

Why we love it

The Pakt Travel Backpack Rain Cover makes your bag even more water resistant if you’re doing a lot of outdoor travel. It also rolls up into a little cinch sack so you can tuck it away in your pack when it’s sunny. The rain cover also allows you access the front pocket of your backpack so you don’t need to remove the whole thing to access items. We love the red version and how it makes your pack stand out in wet conditions. 

What will it fit?

This is made for the Pakt Travel Backpack. If you want to fit it to other bags make sure you check the dimensions carefully first. 

Final thoughts

This does what it’s meant to do and it does it very well. The extra layer of protection will give you peace of mind in very wet conditions and it rolls up in little cinch sack when you don’t need it.


Capacity: 35 litres

Dimensions: L 50.8 x W 25.4 x H 27.9 cm / L 20 x W 10 x  H 11 inches

Weight: 3.25 lbs / 1.5 kg

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