City East West Tote by State of Escape

It’s the small details and lovely workmanship that sets this tote apart. We take a look at the City East West Tote by State of Escape.
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Port Rack State Of Escape City East West Tote feature image
State of Escape's City East West Tote. Image: State of Escape

In three words

Purposeful. Meticulous. Simplicity.

What is it?

The City East West tote by State of Escape is another meticulously crafted bag from this exciting Australian brand. This tote looks simple but it’s the details that count. The bag is constructed from premium neoprene, which is highly water and stain resistant. The perforated panels are a nice unique touch that adds a stylish twist to the tote. The handles are made from thick sailing rope that are super strong and lightweight, and give the bag a lovely luxurious look and feel. The inside is your classic simple tote interior. Don’t expect much in the way of additional storage pockets and pouches, and there isn’t a way to close the top. If you’re looking for these features then you’ll need to consider something else  but remember this is a tote and this what a tote is meant to do. On the flip side, the simplicity of the interior frees up a lot of space, and the large capacity makes this a very versatile bag. 

Why we love it

The real beauty of this bag comes from the craftsmanship. The simple functional design and small details are lovely, such as the way the handles pass through the fabric at the top of the bag. The materials give a luxurious feel to the bag but the big surprise is their durability. You can even machine wash this bag if necessary. The large capacity gives great flexibility if you need to occasionally carry a lot or larger items and makes it perfect as a versatile everyday bag. We also love State of Escapes design ethos and manufacturing process with all their products masterfully handmade in Australia.

What will it fit?

This bag has a surprisingly large capacity at 26.4 litres. It’s a versatile holdall tote style so it’s perfect as an everyday bag with added space for the times you need to carry a lot or larger items. 

As an everyday bag, this bag has plenty of space, so in addition to your personal items (wallet, phone, glasses, keys) you will fit everything else you need to get you through the day: water bottle, laptop, tablet, notebook, books and still have space for gym gear or shopping. There is even enough space to use it as an emergency overnight bag although be aware that it doesn’t close at the top so your stuff will be visible. 

Final thoughts

At first view, the City East West tote by State of Escape is a simple tote bag with a luxurious feel. Up close, you’ll notice the great quality materials and workmanship. The little details make it special. It’s a classic tote style so don’t expect any additional pockets or organisation on the inside. But the great thing about totes is the versatility you get from them. It can expand when you occasionally need to cram it full or it will happily carry your everyday items. 


Capacity: 26.4 litres

Dimensions:  W 40 cm x D 22 cm x H 30 cm

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