A Matter Of Status Anxiety

We take a look at Status Anxiety's Matter Of backpack. Minimal design stylings paired with great quality materials. This is a backpack built to look good and last a lifetime.
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Status Anxiety's Matter Of. Image: Status Anxiety

In three words

Dependable. Minimal. Abiding.

What is it?

We have a real soft spot for canvas backpacks and for Australian brand Status Anxiety. We love their innovative designs, attention to detail and ethos: to create high quality, minimalist leather goods that last. Status Anxiety’s Matter Of backpack is a great example of their work, pairing lovely soft thick cotton canvas and leather trims with a minimal classic and unisex design.

Inside the main compartment you’ll find a padded laptop sleeve that comfortably fits a 15 inch laptop. There’s also a separate smaller zippered pocket under the top flap that is great for holding personal items. 

The bag is closed with a drawstring and the top cover is held down by magnets. The leather buckles are just for show but this actually makes the bag much easier to access. 

On the sides of the bag are deep open pockets perfect for storing items you need to access quickly. 

The back of the bag and the straps are padded, making the bag very comfortable to carry. This padding is well hidden in line with the minimal design stylings.

Why we love it

We love how canvas changes during its lifetime. The thick canvas of Status Anxiety’s Matter Of backpack will age nicely and give a great character to the bag over time. We also think this backpack is a perfect example of what you want in an everyday bag: plenty of space for your personal items but still not too bulky.

What will it fit? 

Great as an everyday bag, this backpack will fit a 15 inch laptop and charger, wallet, keys, multiple books and notepads, stationery, water bottle, snacks and still have room for more. If you’re looking to get away for a night, you can squeeze in a change of clothes and still carry your laptop, personal items and a book. The drawstring closure also means you can overfill the bag by leaving the top open if you need to carry larger items.  

Final thoughts

Look greats and is well made from quality materials… what’s not to love? The simple minimal design of this backpack will never go out of fashion and the thick canvas will look even better as it ages. If you’re after a classic backpack that will be by your side for a lifetime the Matter Of backpack by Status Anxiety is perfect. 


Size: 29 cm x 39 cm x 15 cm

Weight: 1.1kg

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